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VBS 2018 ( Special Needs Considerations )
Child's Name:*
How does your child best communicate his/her needs?*
How does your child communicate when she or he does not want something?*
What are your child's strengths?*
What does your child like to do?*
How does your child socialize/make friends?*
Are there any aggressive/inappropriate behaviors we should know about?*
Are there any triggers of inappropriate behaviors?*
What are some things that help hold your child's attention?*
Does your child have any dietary or environmental issues we should be aware of?*
Does your child have physical limitations? If so, briefly describe:*
Are there medical issues we need to be aware of (seizures, diabetes, medications)?*
What are some ways we can help your child learn about God's love?*
Is there anything else you would like for us to know?*