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209 N. Louise Street
Glendale, California  91206-4296

Dr. Shane Kinnison

 Senior Pastor

Dr. Shane and Stephanie Kinnison

Get to know our new Senior Pastor family:
        After accepting the call to be Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Glendale, CA on April 30, 2017, Dr. Shane and Stephanie Kinnison are preparing to leave Oregon where he resigned on May 1 as the Senior Pastor for the First Baptist Church of Gresham, OR; a 135-year old congregation affiliated with the American Baptist Churches–USA and with the American Baptist Churches of the Central Pacific Coast. The Kinnison’s have been in Oregon and served at First Baptist Church of Gresham for almost six years.
        The Kinnison’s have been married since 1989, marrying in the First Baptist Church of Roanoke, Texas where they first met as Dr. Kinnison was serving the congregation while completing his Master of Divinity degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Having graduated on Steph­anie’s birthday and having been ordained on the same weekend, the Kinnison’s went on a journey of se­nior pastoral leadership in Baptist churches that continues after 27 years and counting.
        The Kinnison’s went to four churches throughout Texas where Dr. Kinnison served as Senior Pas­tor to each congregation. At First Baptist Church in Iraan, Texas, the Kinnison’s had their first son, Shelden. At South Seminole Baptist Church in Seminole, Texas, the Kinnison’s had their second son, Stetson. At Parkdale Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, Texas, Dr. Kinnison earned his Doctor of Ministry Degree from George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. At First Baptist Church in Waxahachie, Texas, the Kinnison’s saw their older son graduate high school. And, most recently, at First Baptist Church in Gresham, Oregon, the Kinnison’s saw their younger son graduate high school, as well as becoming “Nene and Poppy” to the two most beautiful granddaughters in Texas. Now, the Kinnison’s are experiencing empty nest as they prepare to venture to Southern California to begin a new chapter and new friendships with the First Baptist Church of Glendale.
         The Kinnison’s are proud and thankful parents and grandparents. Shelden, their older son, is 25 years old. He is married to their beautiful daughter-in-love, Claudia, and they have two most wonderful and delightful daughters: Priscilla Pearl who is age 2 and Lyla Elise who is age 3 months. These girls are the bright light in the hearts of Nene and Poppy! Shelden earned his diesel technology certification and is a District Distribution Manager for Chem Tech Oil Services Company in Midland, Texas.
         Stetson, their younger son, is 21 years old. He is a junior at the University of Oregon in Eugene, “Sko Ducks!” where he has studied for the past two years as a transfer student from the Honors College at Portland State University. Stetson is employed by University Housing as a Resident Assistant of the Living Learning Center on campus. He is majoring in Economics with a minor in Business and is projected to graduate with his Bachelor’s degree in the winter term of 2018.
No matter where life’s road takes them, the Kinni­son’s travel it together as partners and best friends. Stephanie supports and encourages Dr. Kinnison in all his pursuits of pastoral leadership, community service and personal and professional development. Her motto continues to be: “I take care of my husband so that he can take care of the church.” She is an extraordinary woman whose beauty and love for life comes from the depth of her sensitive spirit for God and others. She is gifted with such strengths and skills that she shines in her pursuits of organizational and administrative leadership in commercial settings, public schools and indepen­dent business ownership. She is a proud and thankful descen­dent of the Cherokee Nation and is deepening her connectivity with the ancient sufferings, the independent spirit, the resilient strength and the indelible hope of her people. As a self-described “sun, water and citrus girl,” Stepha­nie and Dr. Kinnison pursue life together by experiencing all that is around them, discovering, exploring and taking in the beauty of God in nature and in mankind as the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
         The Kinnison’s know firsthand what it means to live life long enough to experience loss, to learn how to let go and how to experi­ence new-found liberty and free­dom that point toward a future. They embrace and live out their journey together and willingly share their journey with others who, themselves, are on journeys and pathways that can be un­predictable. They are always looking for those with whom they can share the road of life as journey partners and friends on the way.  Biographical Statement written by Dr. Shane Kinnison—minor editing for FBCG website by Mike McCoy, Pastor Search Committee Chair.